Permohonan Surat Izin Masuk Kawasan Taman Nasional Karimunjawa secara Online


Step 1. Personal Information

*) Attach your visa here (if avaliable)

Step 2. Activities

*) Presentations were made online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Step 3. Billing

       I agree to pay Non-Tax State Revenues (PNBP) in accordance with the applicable provisions of Karimunjawa National Park.

*) The details of this fee must be filled in and is an estimated cost that will be verified again by the Officer at the Office of the Karimunjawa National Park Office.

Step 4. Applicant Declaration


Hereby I declare that ::
  1. The personal information and activity data are correct.
  2. I will not intentionally or unintentionally HARM the environment of Karimunjawa National Park.
  3. I will report to Head Kemujan Section or Karimunjawa Section immediately upon arrival in Karimunjawa National Park.
  4. I will be open and obey to the park advices and guidance.
  5. I will send a copy of official report of the research activity to Karimunjawa National Authority.
  6. I will be fully responsible to the risk I have during the research activity.
  7. I will always communicate and coordinate to the Head Kemujan Section or Karimunjawa Section immediately upon arrival in Karimunjawa National Park during the research activity.
  8. I will comply to the rules and regulation in Karimunjawa National Park.
  9. I will pay the Non Tax State Revenue as on of the requirements of the Karimunjawa Entrace Permit (SIMAKSI).
       I agree the above mention statement as the requirements of Karimunjawa Entrance Permit.

Step 5. Your registration is completed

  Your request has been sent.


Detail information regarding your application can be checked on ‘Cek Status Permohonan” menu by typing your REGISTRATION NUMBER or please contact Karimunjawa National Park Office Jl.Sinar Waluyo Raya No.248 Semarang Telp. 024-76738248.